Foolishness of Preaching

The Apostle Paul was committed to “the foolishness of preaching” (1 Cor. 1:21). But what is preaching anyways? What is its purpose? Murray Capill in Preaching with Spiritual Vigour puts it this way:

Preaching…is not merely intended to entertain, help or inform. it is intended to produce, by the grace of God, a deep impression on the hearts and souls of the hearers. it is a divinely ordained means of drawing people to God and compelling them to respond to him. it is intended to grip, thrill, move and change lives, well after the excitement of the meeting has worn off.”

Rob Smith says in an article entitled “Borers in the Pulpit” in The Briefing:

“Too many sermons are like a chef’s description of what’s on the menu, replete with explanations of how each dish is made. However, little actually arrives on the table or enters the stomachs of hungry people. Such preaching may have its uses, but it’s unlikely to strengthen believers to fight the good fight of today, or cause unbelievers to be cut to the heart and to exclaim that God is really among us.”

May God fill his churches with preachers who faithfully expound his word and compel others to respond to him!

God help me!

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