A New Face for The Gospel Coalition

The Gospel Coalition has a new design for their website. It looks pretty nice. I strongly encourage you to take a few moments and check this website out. It is full of articles, videos, sermons, books that are well worth your time to digest!

Here is their reason why:


Welcome to TheGospelCoalition.org! Today marks the launch of our redesigned homepage—a homepage that will better serve you as we strive to promote gospel-centered ministry for the next generation. We believe these upgrades will enhance our ability to serve as one of the Internet’s most trusted destinations for biblically saturated, theologically robust, gospel-centered resources.

The new additions to the homepage will give us sufficient flexibility to be at the forefront of what is happening in the global church. And as you visit TheGospelCoalition.org to stay up on what’s current in Christianity, our hope is that the new homepage will serve as a gateway into the broader universe of content on the site.

As you survey the new homepage you will notice content sections including articles, opinions, interviews, Q&As, book reviews and excerpts, events, headlines from around the Web, and our Twitter feed. In addition, we’ve created a ministry blog that will have contributions from our staff, council members, and friends of The Gospel Coalition. One of the things we’re most excited about is the addition of Justin Taylor to our featured blogger platform. Between Two Worlds has become one of the most trusted Christian blogs on the Internet. We are honored and humbled to have this close association with Justin Taylor’s ministry.

No Website redesign is done in a vacuum. We would like to thank the following people: Matt Perman (Desiring God) for his ongoing, masterful help in site architecture and usability; Matthew Taylor (TaylorDesignWorks.com) for designing the new look and displaying a unique gift for finding visual ways to accomplish our desired site-functionality; and Joshua Sowin (Rainsong Media) for building the new homepage and blogs, updating the resource library and countless other web needs. Josh is an amazingly efficient and competent web-builder. We are profoundly grateful to these guys for their excellent service.

We are committed to ongoing, prayerful evaluation of this Website so it can better advance our goal of promoting gospel-centered ministry for the next generation. In this we welcome your input and covet your prayers. 1 Corinthians 10:31 states, “So then, whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do everything to the glory of God.” And this includes Websites. By the grace of God we will steward this url to the glory of God.

Working with you for the advance of the Gospel,

Ben Peays (Executive Director) & Mike Pohlman (Executive Editor)

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