Celebrating Unanswered Prayer

Comments from C.J. Mahaney on Mark 10:35-44 about the blessing of unanswered prayer:

I want to celebrate unanswered prayer. I want to…thank God for all the prayers I have prayed sinfully motivated, that the Savior hasn’t answered. I want to thank God that he is sovereign, not sentimental. I want to thank God for all the times when…I have approached the Savior demanding that he do for me whatever I ask, …that the Savior’s response was not simply, “You don’t know what you’re asking,” but that he withheld an answer to prayer. I am grateful to God for unanswered prayers. Here’s a question, though: how do you respond to unanswered prayer? I believe how we respond to unanswered prayer normally reveals our motive and ultimately reveals the purpose of our prayers. If I encounter someone who is bitterly declaring, “I have prayed…and the Lord hasn’t provided,” that is usually the voice of someone who wants to use God…rather than serve him for his glory. I find unanswered prayer purifies my motive, and often alters the very content of my prayer as well.

Praise God for the blessing of unanswered prayer!

One thought on “Celebrating Unanswered Prayer

  1. There’s nothing like reading the book of Job to remind me of how small I am. All too often I fall into the deception of “God is withholding something good from me” and I become bitter when He doesn’t answer my way. Aren’t we blessed that He doesn’t respond to us in the way we deserve?

    Thanks for sharing!

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