Saint Patrick’s Day

March 17th is St. Patrick’s Day and as Reid Monaghan says:

Each year a peculiar celebration takes place among many people.  Green clothes are worn, green beer is imbibed and strange stories about snakes being chased out of Ireland are told. Shamrocks abound and leprechauns seem to jump out from behind every bush. People are pinched for not participating in the fashion of the day and parades are thrown in the name of a man who lived long ago. To someone who is Irish it is a special day of pride and cultural identification; ironically many use it as an excuse to get really drunk.

Strangely, few people know or care much about the man whose name adorns the day. This is a shame for as Driscoll argues, he is arguably one of the greatest missionaries ever! Although enslaved by the Celts at the age of 16, he later returned as a missionary to them!

Read one or all of these articles to learn more about this great missionary:

Mark [O’]Driscoll writes on why St. Patrick was one of the greatest missionaries to ever live

Russell Moore writes on what evangelicals can learn from Saint Patrick.

Reid S. Monaghan, from Acts 29, writes this biography on the pastor and missionary St. Patrick.

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