Holy Week Geography and Harmony on Google Earth

I just saw this over at Justin Taylor’s blog and I had to share it with you. It is an attempt on Google Earth to show the major locations of Christ’s final events on earth. Check back at Justin’s blog each day this week for more info!

Today is the first day of “Holy Week,” where Christians recount Jesus’ final pre-glorified week on Earth.

Here is something you might find fruitful while contemplating the events leading up to our Savior’s death and resurrection: an attempt in Google Earth to show the locations of the major events (to the best of our knowledge) along with descriptions and biblical passages describing those events.

Click on the image below to go to the Google Map, then click on each letter to see a summary of the events for each day.

Visit Google Maps to see this map.

The KML file lets you interact with this map in Google Earth, allowing you to rotate the view and zoom in from various angles.

This week I’ll blog through each day, providing the biblical texts for what happened on each day.

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