Firefighters Are For Weak People

David Dorr:

Recently a firefighter in our church was told by one of his colleagues that belief in Jesus was for weak people.  I found that ironic coming from a firefighter.

I have a fire hydrant  in our side yard.  I have never looked at the fire hydrant and felt any shame.  I drive by a firehouse everyday.  I never think, “If this community didn’t have weak people than we would never have firehouses.”  Every month when I pay my property taxes, that go towards financing fire departments, I never get angry at myself, thinking, “if I could just handle fire myself I wouldn’t have to write this check.”

Imagine a person whose house was on fire.  The fire is raging out of control and the fire truck pulls up, sirens blaring.  The person runs out of his house in a rage and says, “How dare you come to my house and think that I can’t handle this fire myself! Firefighters are for weak people, not for me.”

What would you think of someone like that? Insane.

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