Read More, Read Better

Do you ever struggle with finding the time to read? Do you ever feel guilty because you know you should be reading more than you should? Maybe you don’t read at all and want to start getting into the habit? Maybe you just don’t know where to start? Here are some great words from Tim Challies about how to read more and read better! He has 8 simple points:

  1. Read
  2. Read Widely
  3. Read Deliberately
  4. Read Heavy Books
  5. Read Light Books
  6. Read New Books
  7. Read Old Books
  8. Read What Your Heroes Read

Here is his first point:

Read – Start with the obvious: you need to read. If you want to be a good painter, you’ve got to paint; if you want to be a good runner, you’ve got to run. So before anything else, you need to commit to the discipline. Unless reading is a genuine passion, you may need to be very deliberate about setting aside time to do it. You may need to force yourself into it. Set yourself some reasonable targets (“I’m going to read three books this year” or “I’m going to finish this book before the end of the month”) and work towards it. Set aside time every day or every week and make sure you pick up the book during those times. Start out by reading a book that deals with a subject of particular interest to you. You may even find it beneficial to find a book that looks interesting–a nice hardback volume with a beautiful, embossed cover, easy-to-read fonts and excellent typography. Reading is an experience and the experience begins with the look and feel of the book. So find a book that looks like one you’ll enjoy and commit to reading it. And when you’ve done that, find another one and do it again. And again.

Read More!

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