Preaching with Bold Assurance

Trevin Wax has posted an interview with Hershael York called “Preaching with Bold Assurance.” Here are the questions he asks him:

  • Your book divides sermon preparation into three parts: the text, the sermon, and the delivery. In your opinion, which part is the most neglected in preaching today?
  • How much time should a pastor spend on his sermon per week?
  • Is it possible to spend too much time on a sermon?
  • You advocate making the main points of the sermon applicational. What’s the difference between this style of preaching and other styles? And why is this important?
  • What are some common pitfalls in the delivery of a sermon that can distract from the truth of the sermon’s content?
  • Where do you find good illustrations for sermons?

Two quotes from the interview I really liked:

Sermon preparation is like making wine.

I do not want to preach a sermon that even the devil can agree with. James warned us of precisely that kind of faith. If we preach a sermon that only states truth but does not exhort to action, then all we have done is raise the faith of our listeners to the level of the demons–who even tremble at the truth, but do not act on it.

Read the rest by clicking here.

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