How Love Begins…

I can remember as a child my mom or dad quite often saying to me, “Look at me when I am talking to you!” Now as a father, I find myself repeating this to my daughter! Why is this so important? Because listening must start with looking. That’s when I know I have your attention.  That’s when I know you care.  Sadly, I’m not always the best example.  Sometimes I come home from work and Alexis starts talking to me and I have my eyes glued to my computer saying something like, “Uh-huh, that’s great, Alexis.”  When I do this, Alexis gets irritated because I’ve made the computer more important than she is.

But Jesus was different.  He looked at people.  Paul Miller, from his lesser-known book, Love Walked Among Us, says:

As I studied how Jesus loved, I was surprised by the number of times that Jesus looked at people.  Altogether the Gospels mention Jesus looking at people about forty times.  I was particularly struck by how often his compassion for people was preceded by his looking (see Mat. 9:6, Mark 10:21, John 19:26-27).

So how do we become more like Jesus?  Ironically, Miller continues,

If we know we are loved — that someone is looking at us — then we can give love; then we can look at others.

One thought on “How Love Begins…

  1. Pastor Andrew, I appreciate your posts. Read them but don’t always comment. We are challenged to really ‘look’ at those around us if we are going to make any eternal difference in their lives. Good thoughts but tough to live it out because we are, it seems always “looking to our own interest”. Forgive us Lord.

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