What Does it Really Mean to Trust in Jesus?

Here is a phrase we hear thrown around a lot in christian circles – “trust in Jesus.” But what does that mean? Doesn’t that sound a little vague? How do I know if I’m “trusting Jesus” or not? Is it a kind of feeling I have inside? Does it wax and wane? What does it really mean to “trust in Jesus?”

Paul Grimmond, in his book, “Right Side Up: Life as God Meant It To Be” answers these questions well:

Let’s think about it in terms of my friend, Phil. If I said, ‘I trust in Phil,’ what would that mean? It would probably mean that Phil is a dependable sort of guy that I would be happy to rely upon in certain circumstances to do certain things. He might be the kind of friend I’d be happy to leave my wallet with (because I know him to be honest), or who I’d be willing to have swing the hammer if I were holding the nail (because I know him to be steady and experienced and good with a hammer).

In other words, ‘trusting in’ or ‘relying upon’ Phil is based on firmly believing certain things to be true about him such that I would place myself in his hands, and be quite confident that he wouldn’t let me down.

‘Trusting in Jesus’ is like this. It means firmly believing certain things to be true about Jesus – that he came into the world as God’s Son, that he died on the cross to take the punishment for our sins, that he rose again to be God’s king, and that he is the only one who can stand as a priest before God on my behalf – and then acting in dependence and reliance [emphasis author’s] upon those things about him. If I say that I believe Phil is honest as the day is long, but I won’t actually hand my wallet over to him, do I really trust Phil? Of course not. It’s the same with trusting Jesus.

Because I know and trust that Jesus is God’s good and perfect king, I will fall down before him and submit my entire life to him, knowing that whatever he tells me to do will be excellent and for my good. And because I know and trust that Jesus has died and risen and ascended to God as my priest, I will completely depend upon him for the forgiveness of my sins and eternal life. I will place my life in his hands, knowing that he will save me from the judgment I deserve and that submitting to him as my king will mean ‘life’ with a capital “L.”

Are you trusting Jesus in this way?

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