Preachers on Preaching

Ten reminders for those who preach and teach God’s Word courtesy of Nathan Busenitz over at the Cripplegate:

  1. Effective ministry consists not of fads or gimicks, but of faithfully preaching the truth.
  2. Preaching is a far more serious task than most preachers realize.
  3. Faithfulness in the pulpit begins with the pursuit of personal holiness.
  4. Powerful preaching flows from powerful prayer.
  5. Passionate preaching starts with one’s passion for Christ.
  6. The preacher is a herald, not an innovator.
  7. The faithful preacher stays focused on what matters.
  8. The preacher’s task is to make the text come alive for his hearers.
  9. The preacher is to be Christ-exalting, not self-promoting.
  10. Faithful preaching requires great personal discipline and sacrifice.

Click here to read an explanation of each point.

One thought on “Preachers on Preaching

  1. Caveat: I wish that Busenitz had come up with a better source for a quote to exemplify his 10th point than someone who isolated themselves from any church. Pink should not be our role model when it comes to relationships, and certainly not when it comes to preaching. In fact, he should be the last person we should emulate when it comes to who we should get along with, and who we should separate from. He painted himself into a corner where he forsook the assembling together with the brethren. His biographer, Ian H. Murray, had to include a chapter on “Interpreting Pink’s Isolation” in his Life of Arthur W. Pink, rev. ed. (Carlisle, PA: The Banner of Truth Trust, 1981, 2004). His editor, I. C. Herendeen said, “It is the mercy of God that A. W. Pink never had any children.”
    He stands as a bad example, a very bad example, of precisely what not to do when it comes to the levels of and maintenance of fellowship with brethren. See especially Dan Phillips, “A. W. Pink: glorifying God by disobeying Him?” (17 JAN 2013), on Pyromaniacs at [accessed 19 APR 2014].

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