The Wise Woman

Yesterday my wife and I celebrated 12 years of marriage. Words cannot express how thankful I am for her love and friendship. She reminds me again and again of Proverbs 14:1, “The wise woman builds her house.” No, not as a carpenter erecting a physical structure with nails and a hammer; but rather by tirelessly working for the good of myself, her family and those in need and by being actively involved in the training and discipline of our children (Proverbs 6:20). She also labors to build her house through faithful, earnest prayers to God. I am reminded of the impact Charles Spurgeon’s mother had upon him:

It was the custom, on Sunday evenings, while we were yet little children, for her to stay at home with us, and then we sat round the table, and read verse by verse, and she explained the Scripture to us. After that was done, then came the time of pleading; there was a little piece of Alleine’s Alarm, or of Baxter’s Call to the Unconverted, and this was read with pointed observations made to each of us as we sat round the table; and the question was asked, how long it would be before we would think about our state, how long before we would seek the Lord. Then came a mother’s prayer, and some of the words of that prayer we shall never forget, even when our hair is grey. I remember, on one occasion, her praying thus: “Now Lord, if my children go on in their sins, it will not be from ignorance that they perish, and my soul must bear a swift witness against them at the day of judgment if they lay not hold of Christ.” That thought of a mother’s bearing swift witness against me, pierced my conscience, and stirred my heart.

May God raise up a company of wise, heaven-storming, prayer saturated, home builders! Only God knows the impact of such diligent faithfulness in wise women building their homes through blood-earnest prayers! 

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