Evangelism as a practice, not a program

I couldn’t agree more with this short but helpful article. Evangelism is not only a church program but rather it is primarily Christians faithfully loving those whom the Lord has already put in their life.  

Consider these three paragraphs from the article:

A healthy church is marked by a love for evangelism. The congregation is faithful to reach the lost, to share the gospel with strangers, co-workers, neighbors, and friends. How sad would it be if people thought that evangelism was what their church did on Wednesday nights (or whatever other slot a program fits in), rather than what they are privileged to do, Monday though Saturday!


For laypeople: realize that evangelism is the task God has given you. Deliberately develop relationships with those around you for the purpose of giving the gospel. Be bold in sharing your faith. If you are fearful, evangelism gives you the opportunity to trust God for courage. If you are timid, evangelism gives you an opportunity to trust God for confidence. Christians are slaves to Christ, soldiers in his service, and sons of God. Our master, our general, and our Father has given us our orders: to reach the lost with the hope of the Gospel. As Christians, we love what God loves, and God loves the lost. As we become more and more sanctified, we become more and more like Christ. And this growth causes us to grow in our love for those who are still God’s enemies.


A healthy church impacts their community because their members love their neighbors. This love results in us reaching out to the lost, presenting the Gospel to them, and seeing some of them saved. As we do this, our churches grow, and our evangelism results in changed lives. In fact, 2 Corinthians 4:15 says “that as grace extends to more and more people it may increase thanksgiving to the glory of God.” In other words, the more we evangelize, the more God’s grace extends to our community.

Read the rest here. 


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