The Silent Epidemic

The silent epidemic is sexual abuse. Unfortunately many Christians steer away from this topic but we cannot afford to any longer. Just how serious is it? According to Justin and Lindsey Holcomb 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men are or will be victims of sexual abuse or roughly 25% of everyone you meet. The numbers are the same in the Christian church. Age break down is 15% of those abused or will be abused are under the age of 12. 29% are ages 12-17. 45% are age 18 or younger. 80% are age 30 or younger and to debunk a common myth you need to know those 80% are assaulted by people they know not some stranger. The most unsafe age to be is a 16-19 year old girl. That age group is 4x more likely!

If you are a direct victim of sexual abuse or if you know someone who has been and are wondering how the gospel can help you deal with sexual abuse please click this link and listen to the audio. It is titled “Rid of My Disgrace” and is by Michael Horton on the White Horse Inn.  It is only 35 minutes. Also read some of the other related articles and hear the wonderful truth that the gospel of grace can bring hope and healing for victims of sexual abuse. Sexual abuse isn’t the final word. With faith in Christ there is another declaration concerning you – you are justified, there is no condemnation, and there is no separation from God’s love!

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