What Think You of Christ?

Well, I think it is time for another quote from the ever quotable C.H. Spurgeon and this one is a doozy:

Is it a pleasure to you to think of Christ?  Do you so love Him, is He so comely in your esteem, that you delight to think of him?  Do you frequently think of Christ, just as often as you think of those you love?…Have you a passion for Christ?…Do you think of Christ joyfully?…Do you think of Christ, desiring still nearer access and a clearer view of Him, sighing out with a sacred love-sickness, “O that I were with him where he is, or that he were with me where I am?”…Do you think of him with an ardent wish to be conformed to His image, saying, “Gracious Savior, make me like thyself [yourself]?’  Do you think of Him with practical love, so that you help his cause, (care) for his poor people, proclaim his truth, aid his church, and pity sinners for whom he shed his blood?  Do thoughts of Jesus keep you back from sin, and incite you in the paths of holiness for his name’s sake? …What think you of Christ?

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