The Nature of God

This upcoming Monday I am speaking in front of a group of college kids trying to answer the question, “Why is God invisible?” in studying for it I have been reading a number of systematic theology textbooks. In Practical Christian Theology by Floyd H. Barackman I came across this excellent reminder  that is all too easy to forget:

Remembering our creaturehood, let us reverently seek to understand what God is and the kind of nature He has. Only the Holy Spirit can illuminate our hearts through the Scriptures regarding this deep truth, yet whatever He is pleased to teach us will be only a small part of what God is. If God were understood easily and fully, then He would be little more than what we are. But because He is limitless, we shall be learning about Him throughout eternity, as the experience of the holy angels indicates (Eph. 3:10; 1 Peter 1:10-12). However, it is important for us now to be learning all that is revealed about God.

One thought on “The Nature of God

  1. Barackman’s work referenced by Andrew is Floyd H. Barackman, Practical Christian Theology, 4th ed. (Grand Rapids: Kregel Academic & Professional, 2002). The quote above is from pg. 46.

    It is available on (cheapest list price for the paperback edition) at [accessed 19 SEP 2014].
    Amazon now has a Kindle edition available at [accessed 19 SEP 2014].

    Another quote from Barackman worth repeating is:

    “The dominant theme of the Scriptures is the Lord Jesus Christ, God’s promised Conqueror-Savior (Gen 3:15; Luke 24:27, 44; John 1:45, 5:39). The Lord’s Messianic work was announced in the Old Testament by prophecy (Gen 3:15; Isaiah 11, 49:1-12; 52:13-53:12) and was portrayed by the OT ritual sacrifices (Heb 7-10); it was established in the Gospels by His public ministry, death and resurrection (Matt. 27-28); it was preached and applied in the Acts of the Apostles to those who trusted in Him and His atoning work (Acts 16:31-34); it was doctrinally stated and explained in the Epistles (Rom 1:1-6); and its consummation was anticipated in the visions of Revelation (Rev 19:11-21; chapters 20-22), which revealed His second coming to earth, defeating His enemies, rewarding His people, and ruling over the earth for one thousand years.” – Floyd H. Barackman, Practical Christian Theology, 4th ed. (Grand Rapids: Kregel Academic & Professional, 2002), pg. 21.

    For more on Barackman see the following:

    Corey Adams, “In Memory of Dr. Floyd H. Barackman” (17 SEP 2007), on Davis College History at [accessed 19 SEP 2014].

    A memorial video of Dr. Barackman is on YouTube at [accessed 19 SEP 2014]. This is linked from Davis College History (29 SEP 2007) at [accessed 19 SEP 2014].

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