Are You Called To Pastoral Ministry?

The second lecture this week for my class Pastoral Ministry with Dr. Hershael York was about the call to ministry. Dr. York strongly believes that there is a specific call to pastoral ministry. And by the way, if you didn’t know, there is actually quite a bit of disagreement about this in the Christian world. Dr. York is persuaded that while all Christians are called to ministry (can’t argue with that) the call to pastoral ministry is a specific call of the Holy Spirit. It is not a general call but a specific moving of the Holy Spirit. This is where those who don’t believe there is a specific calling to pastoral ministry like to argue saying this is too subjective or mystical. How does one know they are being called to pastoral ministry or just have bad indigestion? Dr. York said this specific moving of the Holy Spirit is less mystical than many describe it. We should not ask for a sign from God to know if we have been called or not because in the Bible asking for a sign is always a sign of weak faith! Did you catch that? That is really important – in the Bible, asking for a sign is always a sign of weak faith! Think about Gideon. The angel had already told him what to do but instead he demands signs. When an angel tells you what to do, you get doing it, not demand signs! Think about the ministry of Jesus’ and how they constantly demand sign after sign. Is Jesus ever pleased about that? I don’t think so. But anyways, how do we know we are being specifically called by the Holy Spirit to pastoral ministry? Dr. York says it is the intersection of four things:

  1. Desire: You want to do it. You think about it. You desire it. You can’t imagine not doing it.
  2. Gifting: If God calls you he enables you. It may not be innate but the Holy Spirit would never call you to do it without empowering you to do it. God develops your skill set.
  3. Opportunity: A place of service for you to do it. Here Dr. York somewhat chastised (probably too strong of a word) seminary students for being blind to opportunities. We shouldn’t wait for golden invitations. When Dr. York was in seminary he determined to preach every week and called prisons, nursing homes, etc if he could come and preach. He didn’t wait to be asked. He had fire in his bones and sooner or later instead of having to look for opportunities he was being asked by people all over the place to preach.
  4. Testimony of Others: People affirm God’s calling in your life. This is important because my appraisal of myself is not completely honest nor accurate. We need affirmation from others who can tell how God has gifted us this way. And this affirmation should come from a sound local church.

I think it is very helpful and biblical. It is important to know you are called because days will come when you want to quit. There will be days if not weeks of great discouragement and setback. The success of ministry depends upon the strength of your calling. And by success is not meant pastoring a mega-church but faithfully living out God’s calling in your life, faithfully investing all of yourself into the calling for God’s glory and honor.

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