We’ve Moved!

Wow. It has been a long time since I last posted so let me give a quick update. If you don’t know, a little over a month ago we moved. We now live in Shelbyville, Michigan. I have been called as the pastor of counseling and discipleship at Orangeville Baptist Church in Plainwell, Michigan. As you can see from the title, my main area of responsibility is to build a Biblical counseling ministry where people come to Christ and grow in Christ. I am really excited about this. If you know me at all, then you know that I am very passionate about Biblical counseling and connecting the transforming power of God’s Word to everyday life. I get excited about this because I believe there is a vast disconnect between what people hear on Sunday or read in their Bibles and how it all translates into a changed life. I love to come alongside people and help them wisely relate God’s word to their personal walk with Jesus Christ so they can exalt and honor Him in all that they say, do, and think.

This past Sunday, April 22nd, was my fourth Sunday serving here. Yes, that means my first Sunday here as an associate pastor was on April Fool’s Day. No, it wasn’t all just a big prank! Ha, Ha! My family and I have been enjoying getting to know our new church family and our new community. God has blessed us with a beautiful house not far from the church building for which we are very thankful. I am hard at work getting the word out about our free biblical counseling that we are calling, “Orangeville Biblical Counseling Solutions” (if you don’t mind, take a moment and find our page on facebook and give it a “like”). I am also hard at work getting ACBC certified so that I can improve my ability to speak God’s truth in love and to help others do the same. Here is a picture of my new office. It used to be the church library. Orangeville Baptist has never had three pastors simultaneously so they had to convert the library into my office. It is a lot smaller than my old one in Newberry but everything fits nicely. If you are in the area, feel free to drop on by and visit! study