Christmas is War

We all know the words “So have yourself a merry little Christmas…” but in reality for many there is nothing “merry” or “little” about it. Instead it is a dreadful season of fatigue, resentment, financial pressure, separation and loneliness. But that is not all. For others it is a time of relational conflict between siblings, cousins, in-laws, step-parents, grandparents or fill in the blank _______________. In other words, in many households Christmas is war. Is that the case with you or someone you know? If so take a few minutes to watch this thoughtful movie produced by Igniter Media. I think it will encourage you to be intentional about leaving a legacy of peace and conflict resolution.

Every Time We Come To Scripture

However, we all come to the Bible with biases. All of us read the Bible with a point of view already in place, a point of view that needs to adjust to Scripture. Therefore, we tend to read biblical passages through our point of view so that, without intending to do so, we adjust words and phrases and clauses to fit our perceptions and biases. None of us ever completely escapes this. Nevertheless, every time we come to Scripture, we must strive to rid ourselves of prejudices that impede our reading of the biblical text and to read it for what it actually says.

The Race Set Before Us: A Biblical Theology of Perseverance and Assurance

Preach the Word

January 13, 2013

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Sunday Morning:


Psalm 19 – “The Attributes of Scripture” pt. 1

The Big Idea: The divine Scriptures are the utmost treasure and pleasure this world affords.

Sunday Night:


Genesis 15:7-21 – “The Abrahamic Covenant: Faith and Assurance”

The Big Idea: Faith doesn’t deny reality. Faith faces the facts – delay, suffering, insurmountable circumstances, even death – but it also faces the fact of God who will accomplish that which he has promised.